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Borba 2017 is a blog-newspaper founded through the cooperation of four students: Dejan, Andrea, Aleksandar and Petar. In the blog we will report news regarding events, facts and opinions that concern today society, comment and evaluate current world situations, express our subjective thoughts and analise everyday life.

21/3/2019 at 23:24

Sometimes we will publish controversies of public or individual interest. We will describe the profiles of individuals who made history or who play an important role in the immediate event. Last but not the least, we will publish reviews with our critical evaluations. The newspaper “tends to the left” but it depends which author writes the article, also everybody who wants to join and discuss is welcome.

Why "Borba"?

Borba (Fight) was a Yugoslav newspaper active from 1944 to 1991. Following Yugoslavia's collapse its activity stopped and its company got privatized. Borba 2017 continues their dream publishing news and thoughts translated in three languages both from Yugoslavia and the world.

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