The ruins of the Industrial RepublicHIGHLIGHTEDHISTORY

One day, while the students of the Užice Technical School were going to lessons, on the rotatory of the Prvi Partizan, they found themselves in front of an empty building, like in a horror movie: on the building there was written FASAU. On the way back from Auto Ventil (a factory that produces parts for the car cooling system) the students asked the professor what was once in that building. The professor answered: "You see children, this was a factory that produced parts for the faucet once, which rivalled with the Italian ones by quality, the factory however was closed in the 90s and now this is what remains of it."


Srđan Aleksić and Refik Višća: war martyrs

Two highly similar stories about heroes who gave their lives for others, two stories about young brave men from the Balkans' 90s war who went against their own "companions" in order to save people's lives, even if not from...


“Middle-Earth’s” Italian community

Did you know there are people speaking the Trentin dialect in Bosnia and Herzegovina? Well here is an article about that: the Italian communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We will specifically focus on the community of Štivor, a small...


The man who won Stalin by shovel

Alija Sirotanović, born in 1914 in Orahovo near the town of Breza, was a Yugoslav miner whose popularity came to be right after his new first record in coal extracting on 24 July 1949. He digged 152 tons of coal in 8 hours of work, ~40...


España Unida

In this article we are reporting yesterday’s press release from the Izquierda Unida (IU – United Left), translated from Spanish, in which they state their position against the violence perpetrated by the government and were they...


Boško & Admira: love before flags

"They didn't share the same origins, nor they had the same god, but they had one eachother and the dream of running away from there [...] is the sky the only place where we can be together?" writes the text from the song...


Romanian Government falls

On 21st June 241 members of the romanian parliament voted to pass the no-confidence motion against the Government led by Sorin Grindeanu, Prime Minister, even more than the required 233. This is not the first fall of the romanian...


Stjepan Radić's death anniversary

On this day 1928, Puniša Račić deadly wounded Stjepan Radić, killed his brother Pavle Radić and his colleague Đuro Basariček and wounded Ivan Pernar and Ivan Granđ. Croatia on this day remembers the death of Stjepan Radić and...


Attack in France

Armed driver killed in France after trying to attack a police van with his auto-bomb. French authorities describe this as a security incident, yet it's about a voluntary attack; witnesses confirm. Besides this general description we...


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Borba 2017 is a blog-newspaper founded through the cooperation of four students: Dejan, Andrea, Aleksandar and Petar. In the blog we will report news regarding events, facts and opinions that concern today society, comment and evaluate...

Why "Borba"?

Borba (Fight) was a Yugoslav newspaper active from 1944 to 1991. Following Yugoslavia's collapse its activity stopped and its company got privatized. Borba 2017 continues their dream publishing news and thoughts translated in three languages both from Yugoslavia and the world.

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